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The movement for real food that is just and fair is gaining momentum with every season. Never before have more people been able to build direct relationships with farmers through CSAsfarmers’ markets and farm to cafeteria programsFood policy councils continue to grow, bringing activists, architects, government officials and youth into the same room to dream and scheme about what we want our food system to look like. We have a White House garden for the first time in generations! And young farmers and community leaders across the country are reconnecting with the dirt and diligence of growing our food.


Whether you call it food justice, real food, good food, or fair food -- we are all building this living, breathing movement toward the day when everyone has access to healthy, affordable food and the power to make decisions that will grow community food security locally and globally.


Whether you plan to build edible gardens with your local school, ensure that no child goes hungry, advocate for a fair Food and Farm Bill or hold agribusiness corporations accountable to our right to seeds, land, and fair wages, the Food Security Learning Center provides practical resources and hands-on tools to help you dig in and connect with others around the country -- and the world -- who are making change one garden, one market, one plate, one policy at a time. Keep reading >>

This project is supported by the Community Food Projects Competitive Grants Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA Grant #2012-33800-20310. 



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