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During this and all presidential campaigns we enter into the confusing “world of political spin and scams.” What you hear may very well be far from reality or worse.

This is something everyone knows on some level but millions of people are persuaded by bluster, lies, half- truths, distortions and out and out attacks on a person’s integrity. This is something we have sadly learned to live with although it has become worse and all- consuming with the advent of social media.

It is part of the political and media landscape of our lives.

However, spin scams go way beyond politics, invading the everyday concerns of our life such as our food.

In the last decade a relatively new phenomenon has emerged: The Food Spin Scam. It has precedent in the Cigarette/Tobacco Spin Scam of the last century that was responsible for the suffering and death of millions of smokers and non- smokers. In retrospect, that one should have been a no-brainer. Science had proven that tobacco kills but what a long hard battle against the tobacco companies it has been and continues to be for millions of people who still smoke.

The Food Spin Scam is more subtle and has several incarnations. Chemical companies, food companies, industrial agriculture and big pharmaceutical companies have developed a high powered, all pervasive, highly funded and effective media and political campaign to convince the American public that they are the guardians of America’s food and health.

All their chemicals, GMO products, antibiotics in animals and livestock, pesticides, herbicides and fertilizer are perfectly safe and absolutely necessary to protect our food sources and fight climate change and hunger. Just give them a fair chance to make their case. They have science and scientists on their side. We should not be science deniers.

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This is a guest post by Youth Food Justice Zine contributor and youth partner Ayisah Yusuf of Rooted in Community (RIC). The original, full post can be found here.   Flint, Michigan a small town right outside of Detroit is going through a crisis. This crisis sadly has been happing since 2014 and due to the Michigan government has just gotten worse and worse. Let me break it down for ya. So Flint and Michigan in a whole has been going through a water crisis for a while. Detroit has been dealing with this for so long and it’s all due to...
This post first appeared in The Huffington Post. The way to end hunger is to feed people, right? That may seem like a no-brainer but it is not enough. When Harry Chapin and I co-Founded WhyHunger in 1975 we knew that hunger in America had become a major problem. From the beginning, we believed that the root cause of hunger is poverty and the root cause of poverty is powerlessness in the face of economic injustice. We also knew that racism was at the core of hunger and poverty for tens of millions of Americans. Tragically, that has not changed in more...
It was a Sunday morning and the idea was to visit the Itaparica Dam with my auntie Tania. Her husband, my uncle Fernando, worked as engineer for the government company that had built it. The dam was spectacular, a massive wall of concrete with a tower in the middle of it to control the flux of water. But there was a catch that took away from the splendor. That exact dam had displaced 70,000 families from their homes and farms. And according to my relatives, there were still families who haven’t received a single penny for being forcibly displaced by...
As translated by Laura Valdes In the presence of our Bertha, our mother, our daughter, our guide. Her daughters Olivia, Bertha and Laura, her son Salvador, her mother Austra Bertha accompanied by our family members and friends, would like to publically acknowledge our thoughts in this moment of deep sorrow. Our Bertha is our biggest inspiration; this is why we feel the need to have the truth about her life and her struggle heard. Concerning these circumstances, firstly we would like to show gratitude for all of the national and international solidarity we have received. We are grateful for the support of her Lenca...
WhyHunger’s latest Food Justice Voices publication “Cultivating International Solidarity Through Popular Resistance,” features Angela Adrar of the Rural Coalition and La Via Campesina who interviews social movement leaders from around the globe to get their perspectives on how international solidarity unites those with common struggles to build resistance and change...

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Reflection from WhyHunger’s Saulo Araujo Early today, March 3rd, armed men killed Berta Cárceres. They swarmed her home and assassinated her. One more woman activist killed, among too many others in Central America. They took the life of a Lenca indigenous woman, a leader and a comrade. Berta was a brilliant...

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This spotlight is a feature of WhyHunger’s digital storytelling that showcases grassroots organizations and community leaders through dynamic stories and pictures, to give a real view of projects that are working to alleviate food insecurity and increase communities’ access to nutritious food. We believe that telling one’s story is not...

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WhyHunger’s What Ferguson Means for the Food Justice Movement series is a bold attempt to explore the way in which police violence and institutionalized anti-black racism is deeply interconnected to food, land and Black bodies. What is the connection between the death of Black people at the hands of the...

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Reposted with permission by CIW. In NYC on Thursday, March 3rd at 4pm, be an ally and join dozens of Florida farmworkers as they kick off the 2016 Workers' Voice Tour to demand that Wendy's, the final fast food holdout, take responsibility for conditions in their supply chain and join the...

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