At WhyHunger we know it’s important to stay critically informed on the issues related to hunger and poverty, while also uplifting the voices, stories and successes of grassroots food justice advocates. So, every couple of weeks we’ll be sharing a compilation of articles that highlight the intersections of racial, social and environmental justice to spur conversations and keep you up-to-date with relevant news.

Yes! Magazine: “How to Help 55 Million People Out of Food Deserts”

Check out this analysis of so-called “food desserts” in the U.S. and the organizations – like WhyHunger’s partner Growing Home Read more.
Vox: “No, Poor People Don’t Eat More Junk Food Than Everyone Else”

New data debunks the assumption that low-income individuals eat more fast, unhealthy food than other socioeconomic groups. Turns out the Read more.
Huffington Post: “How Welfare’s Work Requirements Can Deepen and Prolong Poverty”

People who are eligible for a federal, time-limited welfare program for very low-income families must be working or looking for Read more.
Mother Jones: “Simply Drinking Water Shouldn’t Be This Dangerous”

Learn what Flint, MI and Pittsburgh, PA have in common when it comes to tainted water and public health, as Read more.