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Kara Brooks (she/her/hers) is a Black human/artist/partner/parent – Born in Pittsburgh PA, grew up in Oakland CA, currently living in Arizona.

Digital & Multimedia Artist

ASU Intermedia MFA 2022′

What’s resistance means to you?

Identifying moments of JOY is my form of resistance. 

My family is my absolute everything. 

Drawing is very therapeutic, worries lose their potency when I am focused on “capturing” shape and form.  

I stay curious and love getting lost in learning. 

Humor… I need it, I collect it, and use it, to cope/sooth, to frame and reframe. 

Dancing-hard-like-no-one-is-watching also helps.

Being consciously grateful when a task or interaction goes smoothly is my jam! 


Storing up these treasures grounds me, I feel more fortified and resilient when faced with life’s “muck”– better prepared to identify, solve, survive and repeat. 



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