Statement from WhyHunger on 2019 Trump’s Biotech Executive Order






New York (June 12, 2019) – Alison Cohen, Senior Director of Programs, WhyHunger, issued the following statement regarding President Trump’s Modernizing the Regulatory Framework for Agricultural Biotechnology Products Executive Order.

“This regulatory streamlining Executive Order (EO) for biotech is a gross misstep towards ending hunger, combating climate change and building a just food and farm system. Essentially the EO is giving a blank check to Monsanto, ADM and the like to continue with their practice of industry consolidation. It effectively negates the science indicating that one-third of our greenhouse gas emissions come from industrialized agriculture, and ultimately portends further bio-tech related public health concerns for all of us.

There is no solution to climate change and hunger while industrial agriculture and international agri-food businesses dominate and pollute our fields, oceans, food stocks and markets. What is needed are better agroecological practices, as well as a joined-up approach that understands the most pressing social issues of our time—hunger, poverty, racial injustice, immigration, war and conflict, weakened democracies–are part and parcel with the most pressing environmental issues of our time.”

Learn more about the recent announcement from the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture here.

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