The ABC’s of Food Justice

This back-to-school season, WhyHunger is breaking down what our work is all about…starting with our ABCs. Join us to learn the key terms we all – even our littlest readers – need to understand as we work together to end hunger for good!


WhyHunger’s approach to end hunger is unique. We address both immediate needs for food AND long-term solutions to hunger.
This is why, for us at WhyHunger, D stands for Database!
To power our national WhyHunger Hotline and Find Food services, we built and maintain the largest online directory of food pantries, soup kitchens, summer meals sites, government nutrition programs, and grassroots food justice organizations in the United States. It’s accessible in English and Spanish by call, text, and online search.
Using the database, WhyHunger connects people in crisis to local food and essential services that help meet their health, transportation, family, and economic needs.
We’ve even partnered with Google Ads, Waze, and FEMA, and invested in outreach to schools, health clinics, libraries, universities, and social service providers to raise awareness about this important service among those who need it.
In 2021 and 2022, we helped over 2.3 million people in the U.S. find food when they needed it most.

Welcome to WhyHunger’s Kids’ Corner, where we break down big concepts for our littlest readers. We believe that engaging in justice-centered discussions and activities at home can help kids (and adults!) develop their critical thinking, advocacy, compassion and learning. In this section, you’ll find videos, sing-a-longs, coloring sheets and more to use as a jumping off point for important conversations.




These days, families everywhere are having a hard time getting enough food to eat.
At WhyHunger, we believe that everyone should be able to eat healthy food every day! We hope you do, too. That’s why, at WhyHunger, D stands for Database!
WhyHunger’s database is an online list of tons (over 35,000!) of organizations that help people find free groceries, fresh fruits and vegetables, hot meals, and food delivery for when they can’t leave home. You just use your computer or phone to search and find locations near your house!
WhyHunger is working together with farmers, community leaders, politicians, and change-makers like you, to make sure that buying healthy food is easy for everyone, every day.
But we’re not quite there yet.
In the meantime, WhyHunger’s Find Food Database is a really, really important tool! It helps people who are struggling find the food they need right now, so that they and their families can be healthy.
WhyHunger’s Find Food Database Services

The operating hours of food pantries and soup kitchens are constantly changing. That’s why, in 2020, we developed a volunteer program to help update and maintain our Find Food Database. Click here for more information and ways to get involved.
And, if you or someone you know is in need of food, please call 1(800) 5-HUNGRY, text your zip code to 1-800-548-6479 or visit find-food to locate a local emergency food provider and other support services.