What We Do

Our Mission

WhyHunger is not just another organization with a mission statement tucked away on its website. We are on a mission. Together, we are building a world where everyone has the right to nutritious food.

WhyHunger is a leader in building the movement to end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.

WhyHunger offers a clear vision and strategy to transform our collective food system into one that is socially and economically just, nourishes whole communities, cools the planet and ensures the rights of all people to food, land, water and sustainable livelihoods.

As a grassroots support organization, WhyHunger works to support, resource and build the capacity of community organizations and social movements that are implementing new ideas and developing groundbreaking projects to transform their communities. At the same time, we help to build networks of grassroots organizations and knit together social movements that share a vision of healthy, sustainable communities leading to greater mobilization and stronger advocacy to realize an end to poverty and hunger.

Strategic Goals

WhyHunger’s programs and strategies coalesce around 3 strategic goals:

  1. Movement Building – Build and strengthen grassroots-led movements for food justice and food sovereignty worldwide.
  2. Social Justice – Work for social justice by addressing the root causes of hunger and the deep inequities of poverty at the intersection of economic inequality, racism, health and the environment.
  3. Human Rights – Work to protect and advance the right to nutritious food for all.

Specifically, WhyHunger’s Work Aims to:

  • Mobilize, coalesce and build the capacity of organizations, communities, and funders invested in food justice and food sovereignty around the nation and in the Global South.
  • Support grassroots leaders to invest directly in their local communities and to participate in building a movement for food justice and food sovereignty.
  • Support and strengthen international solidarity between social movements in the U.S. and the Global South
  • Strengthen the capacity of social movements in the Global South to support communities in developing agroecological practices, educating and organizing with each other, and advocating for themselves
  • Support emergency food providers to improve their capacity to source, prepare and distribute healthy and nutritious food to their clients, improving health outcomes
  • Shift the role of food access organizations in the United States to advocate for the right to food and to address the root causes of hunger
  • Leverage and mobilize the resources of artists, funders, and other NGOs in direct support of and in solidarity with our partners
  • Work at the intersection of racial justice, public health, environmental and climate justice, and economic justice

Explore How We Work or read our 2016 Impacts and WhyHunger’s Annual Report to learn more.


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