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On Wednesday, Nov. 2, the nonprofit organization WhyHunger hosted its inaugural Amplified benefit concert at the Brooklyn Bowl in New York City. The event, committed to eradicating hunger and poverty, was led by the accomplished guitarist, producer, and bandleader Eric Krasno, who was supported by a high-caliber house band featuring the celebrated drummer Nikki Glaspie alongside Dumpstaphunk’s Tony Hall and
WhyHunger’s Amplified Hungerthon Kickoff Concert was held at Brooklyn Bowl in New York City on Wednesday night. The benefit for the non-profit organization working to end world hunger and the injustices that cause it featured Eric Krasno fronting a house band that included drummer Nikki Glaspie and her former Dumpstaphunk bandmates keyboardist Ivan Neville and bassist Tony Hall along with
The WhyHunger Team has shared that it has teamed up with Tedeschi Trucks Band to offer fans a chance to win an unforgettable day with Tedeschi Trucks Band members, along with other exclusive prizes, by contributing to the cause of ending hunger. September 6, 2023 Read More.
"The answers are in the farmers' hands," said Betty Fermin, co-director of the Global Movements Program at the nonprofit WhyHunger. "They're making sure they have seeds that are better quality, and better able to resist plant diseases and pests, and give better yields." September 1, 2023 Read More.
Kristen Wyman, co-director of global movements at the nonprofit WhyHunger, told Axios that even though disaster recovery ushers in a "mass movement" around aid, long-term solutions — like restoration of native seed banks — are often overlooked. August 21, 2023 Read More.
Lorrie Clevenger, senior co-director of U.S. programs at WhyHunger, a nonprofit focusing on solutions to hunger, says she’s troubled that with the COVID-19 emergency ending, there’s a return to old tropes around hunger. “[There is] this narrative that people who need SNAP, Medicaid, [or] other forms of public assistance have done something personally in their own lives to get themselves
Patricia Rojas, a New York City-based hotline and database manager at anti-hunger nonprofit WhyHunger, said that more people are calling in to get access to food pantries due to higher grocery prices. February 6, 2023 Read More.
"State action in particular would help push Congress to adopt a national right to food, said Noreen Springstead, executive director of WhyHunger, a non-profit organization that advocates for healthy food access. The federal government has failed to protect basic human rights by largely ignoring food access, she said, and the recent White House summit did little to change that." October
““I will say it is a very ambitious goal to end hunger by 2030,” Noreen Springstead, executive director of WhyHunger, a New York-based global organization, told VOA via Zoom. “There's lots of things that the federal government can do. But it really has to be a joint effort of federal government, state government, local government, corporations, philanthropy and all of
"Noreen Springstead, executive director of the anti-hunger organization WhyHunger, said the whole-of-government nature of the summit will hopefully produce greater alignment across the multiple federal agencies that deal with hunger issues — from the USDA and Health and Human Services to the Bureau of Indian Affairs. That, ideally, would help Biden “set the North Star that nutritious food is a
“’We know that 50 years of chronic hunger in America demonstrates that this crisis is caused by low wages, worker exploitation along the food chain, structural racism, and policies that bend to big food companies," said Noreen Springstead, executive director of WhyHunger. "Too many people go hungry because they are working and don't earn enough to afford food, let alone
“Noreen Springstead, executive director of anti-hunger organization WhyHunger, is hopeful the conference will produce lasting results, but said unless there is a “massive paradigm shift,” it’s hard to see how the U.S. meets one of Biden’s longer-term goals — ending hunger by 2030 — especially as food inflation is hitting families so intensely right now. “If you’re a single mom
By Abby J. Leibman and Noreen Springstead, Opinion Contributors With nearly 12 percent of Americans struggling to put food on the table, food insecurity in America is clearly a national disgrace. But the people behind the statistics — mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, veterans and students — deserve more than business as usual. July 15, 2022 Read More.
The offerings include Byrne and Yo La Tengo covering “Who Has Seen the Wind?,” Deerhoof doing “No, No, No” and Japanese Breakfast trying “Nobody Sees Me Like You Do.” A portion of the album’s proceeds will be donated to WhyHunger.
WhyHunger advocates for food as a human right, not a privilege. The organization strives to end hunger through community-led solutions and social movements. WhyHunger views hunger as a systemic issue; the result of longstanding social inequalities. The nonprofit's strategies include amplifying community voices and uplifting grassroots movements through supportive local partnerships. On their website, WhyHunger hosts a "finding food" locator
Co-written by Wendy Heipt, a human rights attorney and a member of the board of WhyHunger, a nonprofit founded in 1975 by the late musician Harry Chapin and Radio DJ Bill Ayres. “We are building a diverse grassroots movement, centering the expertise of those most impacted by our food system’s inequities. We undertook this work because we too understand the
(WhyHunger Find Food Database mentioned on list of ways to give back) With everything going on this year, this is the perfect time to take a breather and think about what matters most and how to help others. Due to the continued impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are many people who need extra help this holiday season. Here are
The nonprofit WhyHunger called the vote “a transformative step in ensuring the protection of food as an unequivocal basic human right." "It is our hope that this historic amendment and its protections — while long overdue — serve as an inspiration to states nationwide and further sparks dialogue and reform centered around ensuring the right to food,” Noreen Springstead, the
Over 100 drummers, including Ringo Starr have teamed up for a new cover of The Beatles' Come Together as part of WhyHunger's Drum Together campaign.
WhyHunger’s work has taken on a new urgency during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has drastically increased rates of hunger and poverty around the world. For Max Cameron, the charitable component of the project was a natural fit alongside Pearl Jam’s Vitalogy Foundation, which most recently raised more than $11 million for local homeless organizations via two August 2018 shows in the band’s Seattle
Beatles drummer Ringo Starr is part of a massive, all-star group of the world's greatest skin pounders who've gathered for a cover of his band's "Come Together" for a good cause. The effort, part of WhyHunger's "Drum Together" campaign, brought together 100 of the world's elite drummers to raise funds to build a "just, hunger-free" world.
“It’s incredibly rewarding to be a part of such a unique collaboration for an important cause,” Max Cameron tells Rolling Stone in an email. “There’s nothing like the power of a good beat, and it’s great to see that so many musicians across so many genres and backgrounds were able to come together to support WhyHunger’s mission.”
In the last 50 years, “a whole industry has developed around charitable feeding, yet we’ve barely pushed below the 12 percent food insecurity rate,” said Alison Cohen, WhyHunger’s senior director of programming.  “What we’re seeing now is community-based emergency food providers embracing the idea that charity is not going to end hunger..."
Watch the video: By some estimates, four out of five Americans are one paycheck away from needing to rely on a food bank. Alison Cohen with the group WhyHunger says communities need to start addressing the root of hunger issues.
Even before Covid exposed the precarious nature of many families’ food budgets, hunger relief organizations were beginning to realize they needed to do more than distribute food to end food insecurity. Now, preliminary results from a survey of nearly 250 hunger-relief organizations underscore that growing realization.
Watch the video: As a community gardener herself and director of food programs for the nonprofit WhyHunger, Suzanne Babb has been advocating for more funding for community gardens. "A community garden is a way for folks to get nutritious food," Babb said.
“Tonight CBS presents Play On: Celebrating The Power Of Music To Make Change at 8:00PM ET/PT. Hosted by Kevin Bacon, this special will raise money for WhyHunger as well as the NAACP Legal Defense And Educational Fund and features performances from artists such as LL Cool J, Maren Morris and more … Food lines across the country and this tide
“Play On is a benefit for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and WhyHunger as viewers will be able to donate by texting “PLAYON” to 44-321 during the special. Bacon said the causes are crucial in 2020 and the decision to focus on these particular nonprofits came after witnessing calls for racial and social justice over the summer and
“Known as Chat for Charity, the new partnership between Bonsai and WhyHunger – which is dedicated to ending hunger and its root causes in the U.S. and around the world – is expected to raise up to $100,000 for the nonprofit in Bonsai’s first year of operation. Bonsai tells Billboard over 1,000 executives (known as "coaches") and more than 2,000
“Rounding out a season of giving, Minneapolis-based ADX Foundation donates $30,000 to WhyHunger for hunger alleviation. The ADX Foundation is the charitable arm of Minneapolis-based company ADX Labs, Inc. The ADX Foundation is a private foundation established by ADX Labs’ Chairman and Founder Steven M. Renner with a two-fold mission to alleviate hunger and to free the wrongfully convicted from
“Food diverted to charities is at the highest point in two decades, added Alison Cohen, a program director at WhyHunger. She says that access to food is a function of money, not processing capacity. ‘To say that, by wasting food, we’re missing the opportunity to feed hungry people—that could be a distraction from what the real root cause of hunger
“Emmy-award winning actress, comedian and author, Tiffany Haddish has teamed up with Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins to support Whyhunger’s Hungerthon!”
“Swift autographed a folklore-themed guitar for WhyHunger's 35th Hungerthon drive, which aims, among the COVID-19 pandemic, to end hunger and advance the human right to nutritious food in the U.S. and around the world. ‘COVID-19 has greatly exacerbated food insecurity rates, and the social injustices that have long existed at the root of hunger, from racism to the lack of
“For Noreen Springstead, executive director at WhyHunger, a national nonprofit organization working to end hunger and poverty, the pandemic has laid bare the cracks in the American food system — record food insecurity, skyrocketing farm bankruptcies, unprecedented supply-chain disruptions — as well as the need for bold solutions. In addition to expanding SNAP and Pandemic EBT, the immediate next step
“This food-access crisis is threatening to exacerbate the already glaring health disparities for vulnerable people including low-income families, children, and older adults […] WhyHunger has launched a crowd-sourced map to connect individuals with free meal sites in the US and some communities worldwide.”
“Fueled by WhyHunger, a leader in the movement to end hunger, the event had urban farmers and volunteers bundle more than 1,000 pounds of locally grown nutritious food and medicinal herbs and deliver them to three sites in the Bronx. Items included potatoes, corn, cabbage, kale, tomatoes, carrots, mint, thyme and rosemary among others.”
“Together with a former Catholic priest and syndicated radio talk show host named Bill Ayres, Chapin dedicated his life to hunger relief. The pair formed the grassroots organizations WhyHunger and Long Island Cares, and Chapin increasingly spent more time in Washington, D.C., lobbying and forming alliances with politicians. He advocated for and was appointed to the Presidential Commission on Hunger
“According to Saulo Araujo, the director of the Global Movements Program at WhyHunger, MST was the first international organization to receive the Chapin prize. “It’s a recognition . . . of MST’s importance in the struggle for food sovereignty, agroecology, and their spirit of organization,” he says. Araujo adds that the Landless Workers’ influence is far-reaching, especially when it comes
Before the pandemic, 46 million Americans relied on food banks, and 50 percent of them either received SNAP benefits or had a family member with a full-time job, [Alison Cohen] says. Ending decades of persistent hunger in America can be achieved by enshrining a right to food, or lifting more people out of poverty with a living wage. ‘What is being exposed
According to Saulo Araujo, director of the global movements program for WhyHunger, which provides technical assistance to the People’s Agroecology Process, ‘Valuing the work of women, Native Americans, African Americans, migrant workers, Latinos—agroecology is the best way to achieve those things.
There’s a much bigger issue here, which is that this is not really a very financially efficient or effective way of meeting rising need,” said Alison Cohen, senior director of programs at WhyHunger.” […] WhyHunger’s Cohen suggested that USDA could sidestep these incongruencies between supply and demand by simply giving money directly to food banks and pantries, rather than middlemen like distributors
The underlying problem was bound up with the increasingly punishing nature of the American economy, especially for people of color. Food banks were supposed to fill in the gaps. But today more than 37 million Americans are food insecure, according to the U.S.D.A. “We call it an emergency food system, but it’s a 50-year emergency,” says Noreen Springstead, executive director
In spite of the great work done by food banks and meal-assistance programs, hunger continues to proliferate. Alison M. Cohen, senior director of programming at WhyHunger, a social justice organization that supports community-led movements to end hunger, says food assistance programs are a necessary bandage to ease the symptoms of a large, deep-rooted structural problem. To properly address an issue
The music and technology industries have joined forces to launch SongAid, an ongoing effort to fight the global hunger crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting on May 29, each week SongAid will release new music from a growing list of contributing artists. Each time a fan listens to a SongAid song, the streaming proceeds will go to WhyHunger’s Rapid
Tuttle has also announced that 100 percent of the proceeds from digital streams of “Helpless” will be donated to WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund, providing immediate economic relief and direct support to those most impacted by hunger and poverty during the COVID-19 crisis.
Still, in many cases those urban areas are better equipped to handle increased hunger than rural areas because of population density, infrastructure and the prevalence of emergency food sites, says Alison Meares Cohen, senior director of programs at WhyHunger, a hunger and poverty nonprofit organization.
" Before COVID-19 hit, 37 million Americans were struggling with hunger," Noreen Springstead, executive director of WhyHunger, said. "By integrating our database of tens of thousands of food providers into Waze, we will help serve even more people who are so deeply affected by this national crisis and connect them with one of life's most critical resources: nutritious food."
WhyHunger's executive director Noreen Springstead, told Newsweek that the SNAP program was an important tool in staving off increased levels of hunger. "It needs to be amplified because that is a way to give people the dignity of purchasing their own food and stimulating local economies."
The call volume has increased by 300 percent just in a short period. We have had people calling, desperate for food," WhyHunger's executive director Noreen Springstead told Newsweek. "They are in isolation, they can't get out of the house, they have no one to help them and are sobbing on the phone.
Phish chose the WhyHunger non-profit organization to support through the first replay. Donations made to the band’s The WaterWheel Foundation on Tuesday will be donated to WhyHunger, "which provides critical resources to support grassroots movements and fuel community solutions rooted in social, environmental, racial and economic justice."
If you are looking for food assistance, call the WhyHunger Hotline: 1-800-5HUNGRY or 212-629-8850, ext. 4, or text your zip code to 1-800-548-6479 to find a local food provider, including information on what schools are providing takeout meals for children. You can also conduct a search yourself:
"People who are the most vulnerable, depending on your race, your class, your zip code, and the type of work you do are really the ones that are hit the hardest," said Noreen Springstead, CEO of WhyHunger, which supports grassroots organizations in the U.S. and around the world that are providing food to people.
According to WhyHunger, a national nonprofit organization working to end hunger and poverty, many food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens are canceling volunteer shifts altogether.
According to WhyHunger, a national nonprofit organization working to end hunger and poverty, many food banks, food pantries and soup kitchens are canceling volunteer shifts altogether.
I think what this [crisis] does is it illuminates the most vulnerable populations. That’s kids, hungry people, veterans, seniors, and the working families who rely on the emergency food system every single day, [even] without a crisis,” said Noreen Springstead, the executive director of nonprofit hunger-relief organization WhyHunger.
The majority of SNAP recipients who can work, do work, however 92 percent of the households who benefit from SNAP have incomes at or below the poverty line. Low wages mean workers are forced to rely on SNAP and food charity to make ends meet," Noreen Springstead, the executive director of WhyHunger, said. "We need to keep our eye on
“We have the most-efficient emergency food system, and we have historically low unemployment,” says Noreen Springstead, the executive director of the nonprofit WhyHunger. “And still 40 million Americans are hungry.” Hunger is less a problem of food scarcity than of poverty, she argues. And that means that the country’s system of hunger relief, and the philanthropy supporting it, needs to
Based on original Carlos Santana “Supernatural” artwork, this one of a kind guitar mandala print can be worn as a traditional scarf, tied on a bag, or hung as a tapestry on your wall. All proceeds are donated to WhyHunger, raising funds to support communities across America and build awareness about hunger and its root causes. $75
We couldn’t agree more. It is heart wrenching to see federal employees in need of charity to feed their families. Yet, we wonder why the perpetual reality for some 46 million Americans who regularly rely on food banks does not seem to garner the same attention? Perhaps this newfound focus on food charity can highlight the economic fragility of America’s
Finally, the 34th annual Hungerthon drive kicks off on Friday, Nov. 1, and the “multifaceted campaign, which runs through the holiday season, raises critical funds for the fight to end hunger and helps spread awareness that hunger is a solvable problem,” according to WhyHunger.
A survey of food banks and pantries released earlier this month underscores the difficulty of beating hunger using current methods. The good news is that 90% of the nearly 300 food banks and pantries surveyed said they believed hunger was solvable, according to WhyHunger, which published the survey on October 10.
If we have any hope of eradicating hunger, we need a new narrative. We need to shift our thinking from hunger as the problem, to looking at hunger as a symptom of greater forces at work in people’s lives creating poverty. We need to look at the root causes of hunger if we want to find a real solution. We
You may not know the name Noreen Springstead (yet), but she's proving to be a game-changer for, well, the entire world. Since 1992, she's worked for the nonprofit WhyHunger, which supports grassroots movements and fuels community solutions. These initiatives are rooted in social, environmental, racial, and economic justice with the goal of ending hunger in the U.S. and across the
Among the 300 guests were Monte Lipman, co-founder and CEO of Republic Records; Noreen Springstead, executive director of WhyHunger; musician John Mellencamp, honoree of the ASCAP Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award; and songwriter Paul Williams, member of the board of directors at ASCAP
“John Mellencamp receives ASCAP Harry Chapin Humanitarian Award at the WhyHunger 2019 "Chapin Awards" on June 6, 2019.”
Alison Cohen is the senior director of programs at the global non-profit Why Hunger.  She says that poverty is the root cause of hunger. WhyHunger supports Neighbors Together and other agencies like it because the organizations promote grass-roots organizing to change policies to improve the lives of the hungry. "We believe that is it the grass roots leaders of the
The founders of World Hunger Year sought to end hunger and poverty by supporting grass-roots movements and community solutions. Today, WhyHunger is known for its annual Hungerthon campaign, running this year through Dec. 12, to raise money through concerts and radio programs, among other ways. Springstead, a mother of three, spoke to and the USA TODAY Network New Jersey about
The annual health care costs associated with hunger are estimated to be $130.5 billion in the U.S. alone, showing that addressing food insecurity and poor nutrition is a necessary step for the health of our communities.
For a tenth consecutive year, SiriusXM will participate in WhyHunger's annual Hungerthon campaign, it was announced Wednesday (Nov. 14). The annual Thanksgiving radio tradition began in 1975, according to Hungerthon's official website.
Hard Rock International is partnering with WhyHunger to release the brand's latest limited-edition merchandise line on Oct. 2. The Bruce Springsteen Signature Series: Edition 36 collection supports WhyHunger's work to invest in grassroots solutions to hunger and poverty worldwide.
The social contract between our government and its people is hanging on by a thread. If the 2018 Farm Bill is any indication of the strength of that last thread, we are in trouble. Otherwise this looks really good. We need to add in the logos and images for the remaining articles, then put everything from 2018 and earlier into
WhyHunger is in Billboard Magazine's 2016 Music + Philanthropy issue along with our partners at Food Chain Workers Alliance and longtime supporter Tom Morello.
Interview with New York City Food Policy Center and WhyHunger Executive Director, Noreen Springstead.
Alison Cohen, Senior Director of Programs, sits down with WNBC4 New York to share five fresh tips on how to fight hunger for the holidays.
Alison Cohen speaks to ABC 7 Chicago about the different ways you can help end hunger.
After a cancelled GovBall performances, Prophets of Rage dedicate proceeds from make-up show in Brooklyn, to WhyHunger.
Q&A with recent WhyHunger Chapin Awards honoree Kenny Loggins
Bill Ayres and Jen Chapin discuss hunger, poverty and the role we can play in finding solutions.
Music festival hosts 15 charitable organizations on-site, including WhyHunger.  
Socially-conscious musical shows benefit organizations like WhyHunger.
WhyHunger's approach in working to end hunger, goes beyond charity.
Writer Ilene Angel discusses the memorable full circle moments she had at the WhyHunger Chapin Awards.
Screen Shot 2016 07 06 at 2.11.27 PM
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Emily Kinney on why watching The Walking Dead now is like going back to high school
For Love and for the Love of Lennon in New York City: 35th Annual Tribute Concert Preview
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Stories From Main Street: In 30th Year, Hungerthon Needed More Than Ever, Organizers Say
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As the holidays draw near and grocery lists begin to fill with ingredients for a Thanksgiving feast, severe hunger suffered by far too many becomes that much more apparent. A shocking one out of every six Americans don't have enough food to eat--and tomorrow kicks off National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, which runs from November 12 to November 22,
Hunger exists in the United States. The reason is poverty. The root cause of poverty is powerlessness. Whyhunger uses the titled question as an approach to the solution by connecting communities to resources, while providing immediate access to nutritious emergency food. Bill Ayres, the executive director, co-founded WhyHunger thirty-five years ago to address the urgent need for food by establishing
WhyHunger's Bill Ayres profiled on CNN Headline News' "Leaders with Heart" series, on site at Brooklyn Rescue Mission's Bed-Stuy Farm.
Bruce Springsteen Kicks Off Summer Meals Rock for Kids Campaign June 5, 2014 Bruce Springsteen is headlining the fight against childhood hunger in the U.S. alongside WhyHunger with the Summer Meals Rock for Kids campaign. Springsteen kicked off the campaign by launching an auction for tickets and E Street Lounge passes to select dates on his High Hopes tour, raising
Jen Chapin Returns to her Roots to Perform a Long Island Benefit for WhyHunger on May 24 November 25, 2013 If you appreciate the Beatles and John Lennon, you will simply adore this lavish, lovely app-based work of art devoted to the last truly creative period of Lennon's life: the crafting of his final album, Double Fantasy. With truly innovative
Bill Ayres Co-founder and Executive Director WhyHunger September 24, 2013 We still have 11.3 million people out of work and millions more working part time... Read More
'John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes' App Due in November September 23, 2013 John Lennon fans will be able to revisit the late Beatle's 1980 travels to Bermuda in a new interactive album app. "John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes" will launch in the iTunes App Store on November 5th and tracks Lennon's trip to the islands and his collaborations with wife
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy
June 23, 2012 Read More
Multiple Paths to A Goal April 22, 2012 Read More
Larry King Live Blog December 7, 2012 Hunger affects over 50 million people in the U.S. The chances are that you already know someone who is affected by hunger. Families with children, the elderly, and working people are in need of support, especially but not limited to the holiday season. Read More
CNN's Leaders with Heart July 14, 2011
New app chronicles Lennon's sailing trip November 9, 2011 NEW YORK (AP) -Six months before he died, John Lennon set sail from Newport, R.I., on an ocean adventure to Bermuda that awakened his desire to make music again and is now being chronicled in an electronic format he could not have conceived of. Read More
Hemispheres March 2011 Read More
BeliefNet As Thanksgiving nears, the Hungerthon reminds us to be grateful -and to give back I had the good pleasure recently to speak with Bill Ayres, the executive director of WhyHunger. (This Bill Ayres is not to be confused with the controversial college professor/1960's anti-war radical.) Our primary topic was this year's radio Hungerthon, an annual multi-channel event that provides
Read More
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Resource Spotlight Use it to: Locate nearby organizations that need food donations; find local sources of food for people in need. Read More
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Ejita Holmes [email protected] |757.535.0013 “Criminalizing poverty and homelessness is a violation of our basic human rights and an ineffective strategy that further penalizes an already marginalized community.” NEW YORK (June 28, 2024) – Jenique Jones, executive director of WhyHunger – a non-profit working to end world hunger and the injustices that cause it – issued the Read More
United Talent Agency’s Melissa Newhart and Philanthropist Jimmy Zankel join WhyHunger’s Board of Directors to address the root causes of hunger and ensure the human right to nutritious food NEW YORK CITY (April 16, 2024) — WhyHunger, a non-profit working to end world hunger and the injustices that cause it, today announced the appointment of United Talent Agency (UTA)’s Music Read More
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Debbie DePoala 212-629-0853 [email protected] WhyHunger’s 38th Annual Hungerthon Campaign Concludes, Raising $1 Million to End Hunger  Multifaceted Holiday Campaign and Drive Celebrates Support from Consumers, Celebrities, Radio Partners and More New York (January 22, 2024) — Today, WhyHunger – a non-profit working to end world hunger and the injustices that cause it — announced the Read More
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Media Contact: Alex Kofsky 301.775.1851 [email protected] WhyHunger Names New Board of Directors Chair Grows membership from Universal Music Publishing Group, ASCAP, The Bronx Community Foundation and more New York (December 12, 2023) – WhyHunger —a non-profit working to end world hunger and the injustices that cause it—announced changes to its Board of Directors. Leading the Board is Read More

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“Food justice is not a passive movement. If you are actively working on food justice, you have to be actively working on dismantling the injustices that you see. The injustices that fall along race, gender, land acquisition, land grabbing, job opportunities, wealth, etc.” Karen Washington, farmer, activist (BUGs, Rise and Root Farm) and long time friend of WhyHunger, explains in
The People’s Agroecology Process emerged in 2015 as a grassroots-led initiative to scale out agroecology in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. It was inspired by the work of allied organizations involved in the transnational peasant and small-scale farmer movement, La Via Campesina—the world’s largest rural social movement with over 200 million members in more than 80 countries. In
In the U.S. and around the globe, women are growing food for their families, young people are using agroecology to harvest produce for market, and Indigenous communities are protecting ancestral land and seeds to sustain themselves. These are some of the true solutions to hunger that nourish people and planet and put affected communities in charge of their own health and well being. In
Canadians have a right to food – sort of. In accordance with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which the Canadian government ratified in 1976, everyone living in this country has a right to food. That makes the government the duty bearer in ensuring that people can feed themselves, their families and their communities. This does not

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