Our Approach

We don’t just ask why. We find solutions to hunger that transform and last. Our answer is to build power with grassroots initiatives that nourish people and enrich communities.

Enrich Communities

Invest in sustainable, grassroots solutions and training programs that help community members grow their own food, elevate their voice and share their knowledge with others.

Nourish People

Connect people to nutritious and affordable food through the most comprehensive database of emergency food access organizations in the U.S.

Build Power

Support communities working to transform our food system by building social justice and striking at the root causes of hunger and poverty.

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“Our History” A Background to the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance

This piece originally appeared on the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance’s website.
The U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA) has released a new publication based on participatory research conducted by Grassroots International intern Alison Kaika, with editing support from Sara Mersha (Grassroots International), Saulo Araujo (WhyHunger), and Stephen Bartlett (Sustainable Agriculture of Louisville). The

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From the Intern’s Desk: Immigration & Hunger: The Choices our Neighbors Are Making Today

The Statue of Liberty is one of the most recognizable American icons; her outstretched torch beckoning immigrants all over the world to come here, signaling that they are welcome here. Immigration seemed to be a key part of America’s foundation. Different groups of people and their experiences are woven into

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Partner Talk: Dismantling Dominant Narratives Around Hunger

In the next issue of the Nourishing Change newsletter, we focus on discussing the dominant narrative around hunger. We spoke with two of our partners, Steven Deheeger, Senior Program Manager at City Harvest and Rae Gomes, the Food Justice Coordinator at the Brooklyn Neighborhood Health Action, about what dominant narrative

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