Nutritious Food
is a Human Right.
Nutritious Food
is a
Human Right.
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Our Approach

We don’t just ask why. We find solutions to hunger that transform and last. Our answer is to build power with grassroots initiatives that nourish people and enrich communities.

Enrich Communities

Invest in sustainable, grassroots solutions and training programs that help community members grow their own food, elevate their voice and share their knowledge with others.

Nourish People

Connect people to nutritious and affordable food through the most comprehensive database of emergency food access organizations in the U.S.

Build Power

Support communities working to transform our food system by building social justice and striking at the root causes of hunger and poverty.

News & Upcoming Events

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program work.


When in doubt, do something. Harry Chapin | Singer-Songwriter and Musician OUR ROOTS WhyHunger Co-founder


Root Report: Restoring Power to Rural Farming Communities

Farming and agriculture were once a major source of wealth for Black American families. In 1910, up to 80% of the Black middle- and upper-class families owned farms. But by the turn of the 21st century, 90 percent of that land was lost. According to 2017 USDA data, there are 3.4 million farmers in the U.S. and only 1.3% identify as Black, 2.3% as Native American or Alaskan Native, and less than 1% as Asian American.

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WhyHunger Joins Millions to Call Out Unjust UN Food Systems Summit

          WhyHunger stands ​in solidarity with the hundreds of grassroots organizations and social movements, representing over 380 million people around the globe, that are directly denouncing and protesting the upcoming UN Food Systems Summit. Calling out the corporate takeover of the summit, more than 300 organizations […]

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USFSA Documents the Fight for Food Sovereignty in the USA

by Timothy Karoff   In October of 2018, the US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA) hosted its fourth National Assembly. Representatives from seventy-one organizations and seven countries trekked to Bellingham, Washington, where they shared knowledge, strategized, and drafted demands for a just food system. Over the assembly’s three-day run, the USFSA […]

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