Nutritious Food
is a Human Right.
Nutritious Food
is a
Human Right.
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Our Approach

We don’t just ask why. We find solutions to hunger that transform and last. Our answer is to build power with grassroots initiatives that nourish people and enrich communities.

Enrich Communities

Invest in sustainable, grassroots solutions and training programs that help community members grow their own food, elevate their voice and share their knowledge with others.

Nourish People

Connect people to nutritious and affordable food through the most comprehensive database of emergency food access organizations in the U.S.

Build Power

Support communities working to transform our food system by building social justice and striking at the root causes of hunger and poverty.

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goes directly to
program work.


When in doubt, do something. Harry Chapin | Singer-Songwriter and Musician OUR ROOTS WhyHunger Co-founder



HAUPPAUGE, New York – June 22, 2021 It’s hard to imagine that forty years later we are still fighting to end hunger and find solutions to address why poverty still exists.  As we approach the 40th anniversary of Harry Chapin’s passing, we honor and remember who he was; a singer/songwriter, Grammy […]

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Land Grabbing in the Quilombola Community in Boca do Rio, Brazil

by Jusleen Basra The imposition of large, resource-extractive corporations on Indigenous and peasant territories around the world strips land access from local communities and deeply damages ecosystems. This is an all-too-familiar pattern that the Quilombola community of Boca do Rio, located near Salvador, Brazil knows well. Over the past few […]

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Unprecedented Times and the Right to Food in the U.S.: Food Security During COVID (Pt. III)

by Romy Felsen-Parsons   *This series reflects on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on food insecurity and the right to food throughout the course of 2020 and pulls from varying cited materials throughout the course of the year. It has been sectioned into separate blog articles with an intention […]

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