Nutritious Food
is a Human Right.
Nutritious Food
is a
Human Right.
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Our Approach

We don’t just ask why. We find solutions to hunger that transform and last. Our answer is to build power with grassroots initiatives that nourish people and enrich communities.

Enrich Communities

Invest in sustainable, grassroots solutions and training programs that help community members grow their own food, elevate their voice and share their knowledge with others.

Nourish People

Connect people to nutritious and affordable food through the most comprehensive database of emergency food access organizations in the U.S.

Build Power

Support communities working to transform our food system by building social justice and striking at the root causes of hunger and poverty.

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20 Years of the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations (CLOC)

The VII Congress of the Latin American Coordination of Rural Organizations (CLOC/LVC) brought together over 450 delegates from 85 organizations and 21 different countries of Latin America and the Caribbean regions. Amidst geopolitical changes, peasants and indigenous people – important political sectors in both regions – came together in Cuba

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Analysis: Indigenous People fostering Dialogue, Coalition Building Around Agroecology

By Kristen Wyman and Saulo Araujo
Image courtesy of Agroecology Now: Members of a Euro-American motorcycle club work alongside citizens of the Athabascan Nation to launch a fish wheel in the Copper River, Alaska.
A recent article, “These Extraordinary Times: Indigenous Peoples and coalition building for

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From the Land: Peasants Have the Real Solutions to Hunger and Climate Change

In 2005, Paraguai, Jesuita, Jose and Kilma made one of their biggest decisions of their lives. They joined other landless families in the occupation of an abandoned farm in the outskirts of Ribeirão Preto, one of the major Agribusiness centers in Brazil. Ribeirão Preto is the Brazilian equivalent of a

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