Apply for a 2012 Community Food Project Grant

Learn more about applying to the Community Food Project Grant. The application Deadline is November 17, 2011.

Grant Description
To support: (1) the development of Community Food Projects with a one-time infusion of federal dollars to make such projects self-sustaining; (2) Planning Projects to assess the food security needs and plan long-term solutions to help ensure food security in communities; and (3) a project that provides Training and Capacity Building on a nationwide basis to entities interested in developing new Community Food Projects or assisting current grantees and others to effectively operate their food security projects.

Additional Information on Eligibility
Only private, nonprofit entities meeting the following three requirements are eligible to receive a CFP, PP or TCB grant: (a) have experience in the area of (i) community food work, particularly concerning small and medium-size farms, including the provision of food to people in low-income communities and the development of new markets in low-income communities for agricultural producers; or (ii) job training and business development activities for food-related activities in low-income communities; (b) demonstrate competency to implement a project, provide fiscal accountability, collect data, and prepare reports and other necessary documentation; and (c) demonstrate a willingness to share information with researchers, evaluators, practitioners, and other interested parties, including a plan for dissemination of results.

Read the full announcement on the NIFA website.

Assistance Available for Grant Applicants
Information will be coming out soon from CFSC regarding resources and technical assistance available to assist with proposal writing and submissions.  Go to for information about the assistance provided to grant applicants last year; there will be very few changes to our services.

You may also call 877-988-1010 or email t&[email protected] to be referred to an appropriate consultant.

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