5 Things You Need To Know About Climate Change and our Food System

By Saulo Araújo, WhyHunger’s Global Movements Program Director. This post originally appeared on Care2.

the climate and our food system

From the early images of a melting Arctic to the recent ICCP report, even those last hold outs are forced to acknowledge that climate change is a real and pressing danger to our world, especially to our food system. Despite the numerous media reports and hashtags, few articles are telling us the whole truth about the root causes of climate change.

It is even more disconcerting to read that climate change will likely be the major cause of food scarcity when 840 million people do not have access to food and clean water today. In other words, it means that the chances for those individuals to fully enjoy their right to food are slim to none. As the number of people who are hungry will likely continue to grow because of climate change, it is imperative that this phenomenon be seen as a justice issue and that policy makers refrain from using the same economic policy framework to devise remedies that brought us into this situation in the first place. As you celebrate Earth Day this year, here are 5 things you need to know about the connections between climate change and our food system.

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Saulo Araujo