Community Voices: Stories from the front lines of food justice in America

whyhunger community voicesWe’re thrilled to announce the launch of our newest web resource, a digital storytelling site showcasing voices of leaders and communities across the country on the front lines of food justice. Telling the story of hunger and poverty is at the core of WhyHunger’s work – we believe that in order to build a movement for food justice we need to amplify the stories of successful, sustainable solutions and the people transforming their communities from the ground up.

For three years, WhyHunger has worked with writer and photographer David Hanson to connect with over 50 organizations, many of whom have received a grant from the Community Food Projects Competitive Grant Program (CFP) program, throughout the US. He’s traveled to meet with farmers, youth employees, teachers, senior citizens, ranchers, community organizers, refugees, garden leaders and health care workers, listening to their personal narratives and learning what food and food justice mean to them and their communities on the front lines.

Experience the stories. Meet the leaders and communities who, together, are shaping the movement to alleviate food insecurity and build food justice in America today at

Liz Joyce