Hip-Hop Inspired Tribute to Cesar Chavez

Just one month ago, we were surrounded by the the incredible honorees of this year’s 2013 Harry Chapin Self-Reliance Award winners at the WhyHunger Chapin Awards Dinner. Revisiting inspiring moments of past years, we’re moved once again by the powerful words of Joaquin Martinez, youth member of  Community to Community Development,  a 2011 honoree, who delivered an original hip hop song in honor of Cesar Chavez’s legacy:

“Hizo una revolución, y todo sin violencia,

Todo con amor, respeto y paciencia.

Mi gente: que marchen, que sigan adelante;

Que marchemos unidos, pase lo que pase;

Unidos para siempre, en memoria a Cesar Chavez –

El pueblo unido jamas será vencido!”


“He sparked a revolution, and all without violence,

Did everything with love, respect and patience.

My people: march on, keep moving forward;

We will march united, no matter what happens;

United forever, in memory of Cesar Chavez –

The people united will never be defeated!”

Christina Bronsing