Honoring the Right to Food on Human Rights Day 2014

international human rights day

By Alison Cohen, WhyHunger’s Senior Director of Programs.

“Their courage [those whose rights were most egregiously violated] came not from faith in UN documents but from something experienced deep within themselves: the rights and dignity inherent in their very being and in the being of all. This is the real source of the power of human rights.”

Larry Cox, co-director of Kairos: the Center for Religions, Rights and Social Justice, writes eloquently and passionately about the state of the work to procure human rights in every community around the world.  His analysis that it is those on the frontlines and at the grassroots that should be leading the struggle, flanked on all sides by strong accompaniment and allyship, resonates with WhyHunger and many of our grassroots partners who are not only pressing for governments to codify what is just and right, but also implementing solutions in their own communities to guarantee the right to nutritious food.

WhyHunger is proud to partner with Kairos and the Poverty Initiative in the struggle for human rights, especially the right to food. Read on to learn more.

Alison Cohen