Our Mission Explained: A World Without Hunger is Possible





When we say ‘a world without hunger is possible,’ we mean it.

WhyHunger’s work starts with asking why? People aren’t going hungry because there isn’t enough food. They’re going hungry because they can’t afford, can’t grow, or can’t access the food they need to nourish themselves. 

Simply put, the way we produce and distribute food is inequitable and unsustainable. But industrial agriculture – an engine built for profit not people – isn’t the only way to produce food. And giving out food isn’t the only way to ensure that hungry people are nourished. The systems that have driven small farmers off their land, polluted our soil and water, and deprived millions of access to healthy food – these systems have been made by humans. And they can be unmade by us, too. 

Chicago urban farm Growing Home’s harvest. April 23, 2009. Photo by Andrew Collings.

WhyHunger supports communities around the globe in building vibrant food systems that nourish people and our planet. Our partners are using agroecology to grow fresh food and return thousands of acres of land to sustainable production. They’re starting community gardens, farmers markets, and culinary business incubators. They’re fighting to keep our waterways clean and saving and sharing Indigenous seeds. They’re working with local farmers to fill food pantries, school lunches, and senior meals with fresh ingredients. 

We believe a world without hunger is possible because we have seen the solutions in action. This fundamental truth is part of our mission statement, and the conviction that drives our work. Next week, we’ll share more about how we do the work that we do, to build towards the world without hunger that we all want to see.


With great hope, 

The WhyHunger Team


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