Karen Washington: BIPOC Knowledge & Power in the Food Justice Movement

“Food justice is not a passive movement. If you are actively working on food justice, you have to be actively working on dismantling the injustices that you see. The injustices that fall along race, gender, land acquisition, land grabbing, job opportunities, wealth, etc.”

Karen Washington, farmer, activist (BUGs, Rise and Root Farm) and long time friend of WhyHunger, explains in this video that food justice and food sovereignty cannot be achieved until Black voices and knowledge are brought to the forefront of our food system, and until people are actively engaged, contributing to the community, and speaking out against injustices.

For the BIPOC community, growing their own food and reclaiming land that was once taken from their ancestors means strengthening their wealth and honoring the cultural and spiritual knowledge of their people.

Watch the video below now!

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