Summer EBT Makes a Permanent Splash

Summer EBT Makes a Permanent Splash

New for Summer 2024! Summer EBT is officially a permanent program, bridging the hunger gap before back to school season. This important initiative provides families with an extra boost to their grocery budget during those long summer months.

How Does it Work?

Imagine this: fresh fruits and veggies, nutritious snacks, and wholesome meals – all summer long! With Summer EBT, you'll receive a card pre-loaded with $40 per eligible child, per month. That's a total of $120 per child to help stock your fridge and keep your little ones happy and healthy throughout the summer break.

Benefits Beyond the Plate: Why is Summer EBT Important?

During the school year, many children rely on nutritious meals provided by school programs. But when those programs close down for summer, the risk of hunger increases. Summer EBT bridges this gap, ensuring kids have consistent access to healthy food all summer long. Summer EBT is more than just groceries. It's a great step towards a healthier future for all children.

Ready to Beat Summer Hunger?

Don't wait! Check if your child will be auto-enrolled or if you need to sign up for Summer EBT today and make this summer break one filled with fun, laughter, and of course, delicious, healthy meals! Visit to get started.

Let's Spread the Word and Ensure Every Child has a Happier, Healthier Summer!

Check out the video below to learn more about Summer EBT and how it can make a difference in your family's life! 

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Make Sure the Whole Family is Covered

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