Food IS Medicine

hhblogphotoWhyHunger’s latest resource guide A Path Forward: Innovations at the Intersections of Hunger & Health  profiles three dynamic organizations God’s Love We DeliverCapital Roots and Elijah’s Promise who understand the connection between hunger and health and are working to improve the health of their communities in innovative ways. Each organization offers an example of how fresh, healthy, nourishing food can have  a profound effect on the health of low-income people suffering from acute and chronic illnesses, and from poverty itself. Featured are: 

God’s Love We Deliver in New York City works squarely at the intersections of hunger and health, delivering 1.4 million nutritious meals annually to people living with HIV/AIDS, cancer, diabetes and other life-altering illnesses. 

Capital Roots in Troy, New York prescribes healthy food through its Veggie Rx program. Doctors at the local health care center provide weekly coupons for free produce to patients at high risk of diabetes and hypertension.

Elijah’s Promise in New Brunswick, New Jersey believes food changes lives, especially those lives most affected by poverty. The organization provides nutritious, sustainably-sourced food to people in need. 

“This whole concept of “charity” has to stop. I don’t want scraps. If I can’t give you good food, then there’s no point in doing it all.” –Chef Pearl Thompson, Elijah’s Promise  

Learn about their work, progress and the importance of using nutritious food to serve the community by reading and downloading the full guide in its entirety. 

Calondra McArthur