Grassroots Action Network

The Grassroots Action Network works in partnership with community-based leaders, organizations and networks to build a movement for a just and equitable food system in the U.S. By supporting and promoting grassroots leadership, WhyHunger works to build capacity for community organizing and to accelerate the collective impact of community - based strategies for food justice.

Artists Against Hunger & Poverty

Artists Against Hunger & Poverty offers artists, the artist community and the music industry the opportunity to use their voices to support the movement to end hunger and poverty. Over 13 million dollars has been raised to support innovative and effective community-based organizations fighting hunger and ensuring the right to nutritious food for all in communities all across the world.

Nourish Network for the Right to Food

The Nourish Network for the Right to Food works with emergency food providers, food access organizations, community health organizations and other grassroots and national allies to transform the charitable response to hunger in the U.S. into a more equitable and inclusive social justice movement that recognizes nutritious food as a human right.

Global Movements Program

The Global Movements Program supports and partners with social movements and networks to build international solidarity and advance the goals of food sovereignty and the basic rights to food, land, water and sustainable livelihoods for all people.

WhyHunger Hotline

The WhyHunger Hotline refers people in need across the U.S. to food pantries, soup kitchens, summer meals sites, government nutrition programs and model grassroots organizations.

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