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Food Access Problems need Food Justice Solutions
Canadians have a right to food – sort of. In accordance with the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, which the Canadian government ratified in 1976, everyone living in this country has a right to food. That makes the government the duty bearer in ensuring that people can Read more.
Solidarity, Education and Action! Comedores Sociales: An emerging movement in Puerto Rico
Before Hurricanes Irma and Maria struck in 2017, a large percentage of Puerto Ricans faced food insecurity on a daily basis. In fact, Puerto Ricans were 4 times more likely to be hungry than the average American. In a region with rich soil, a temperate climate and a rich agricultural Read more.
neighbors together food justice
Neighbors Together
View our online interactive web page Thirty-five years ago, the community of central Brooklyn saw a steep decline in quality of life for its residents. Lack of jobs, a cut to social resources, and a swell of drugs hit the area -and fast. Residents began to see their neighborhood changing Read more.
Pathology of Displacement: The Intersection of Food Justice and Culture
In new Food Justice Voices issue Pathology of Displacement: The Intersection of Food Justice and Culture, storyteller, healing practitioner and food justice organizer Shane Bernardo tells his story about how displacement has affected his ancestors and family within the Philippine diaspora, and how he is working to reclaim ancestral subsistence practices that Read more.
El Sueño Americano ― The American Dream
Food Justice Coordinator Kathia Ramirez shares her perspective on the journey of immigrant farmworkers pursuing the American dream and shares why food justice is important on every level. “In the U.S.’ quest for cheap goods and labor, we have intentionally created a need for undocumented, low-wage workers. As we pump Read more.


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