Hungerthon: A Benefit Concert to Eradicate Hunger Presented by VME

Join us for a special benefit concert, part of WhyHunger’s 35th annual Hungerthon 2020 fundraiser to strike at the root causes of hunger.

The benefit concert, hosted by Leslie “ButtaFlySoul” Taylor, will feature performances by VME recording artists Niko Brim, MJ Songstress, Julian King, Lil Crush, and MVXMILLI, and include special appearances by The Chapin Sisters, Dee Wiz, JD Jenkins, Nicole Michelle, Ryan Lane, Path P, Frankie Zulferino, will bring these artists together to support Hungerthon.

Additional guests, including esteemed life coach Robinson Lynn and Ayden, will share messages during the event. The free-to-stream event can be viewed live on

WhyHunger’s Facebook page and on WhyHunger’s YouTube channel

on December 1st at 7:00 PM (ET).

Check out the event press release here:

Location: WhyHunger’s Facebook page and on WhyHunger’s YouTube channel