East New York Farms! Retrospective Case Study

Our long-time partners and friends at East New York Farms! recently published an interactive case study that details the organization’s history from 1995 to 2011. ENYFarms, located in East New York, Brooklyn, engages youth and adults in food justice by promoting local urban agriculture and community-led economic development. The case study reveals the challenges and learning that ENYFarms has gathered over the past 20 years, as they own their mistakes, celebrate their successes and share insight into building partnerships and addressing funding challenges. View the ENYF Retrospective Case Study on Prezi, the online presentation software. To skip the Prezi and go straight to the analysis, see their PDF online here.

east new york farms ENYFarms youth interns Malik, far left, and Shadai, center, serve customers at the East New York Farmers Market.

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Katrina Moore