Election 2016: WhyHunger’s Reflection and Resolve

Like so many of our fellow Americans, the staff at WhyHunger gathered this morning to reflect on a moment in our collective history that has the power to reshape our country and our future. We feel a deep sense of urgency to support and lift up our grassroots partners who have been on the forefront of the movement to end hunger and to build a world brimming with — not just food justice — but social justice. It is alongside them that we are strengthening our resolve to transform our collective food system into one that is socially and economically just, nourishes whole communities, cools the planet and ensures the rights of all people to food, land, water and sustainable livelihoods.

This is a critical juncture in our nation’s history. It is a moment for political education where we must strengthen our shared understanding of the systems and institutions that have fostered the deep divides along racial, gender and class lines, and the painful struggles of those communities most impacted by the failures of the current political and economic systems. It is a moment to come together with the millions of Americans who share our values of social justice and equity for all. To double down on our strategies to build and strengthen grassroots-led movements for food justice and food sovereignty; to work for social justice by addressing the root causes of hunger and the deep inequities of poverty at the intersection of economic inequality, racism, health and the environment; and to protect and advance the right to nutritious food for all.

Now more than ever, this is the time to recommit ourselves to building strong and vibrant social movements that lift up the ideals of the just, hunger free world that we all want to see. Our work for the last 41 years has been to nourish, support and accompany these grassroots organizations and social movements to further their work and build power together. We remain committed to continuing to build alongside our partners with even greater urgency. We have seen firsthand the resilience, power and beauty of the community-led solutions that are transforming our communities, our country and our world for the better – from vibrant urban farms and rural co-ops, to food banks and food pantries working at the root causes of hunger, to youth leadership development and Veggie RX nutrition programs, and from networks and alliances to large-scale social movements. We know that it is with, and only with, a grassroots movement led by those who are most affected by the injustices of hunger and poverty that we can achieve real change.

We know we are not alone. There are millions of people in this country who want change and are ready and willing to address the structural issues that we are facing, like so many of you who have supported our work and the work of our partners over the years. Together, we must move forward by envisioning and then building the country and world we want to live in where nutritious food, a dignified life, opportunity and justice are a right for everyone. We need to take this moment of pain and build. We need to come together and be bold in our resolve to continue the struggle. We must reject racism, sexism, misogyny, bigotry and hate as a critical step on the journey to build social justice and peace for all. We must use this moment as an opportunity to elevate the discourse, the actions and engagement of all those who share our belief in justice for all.

At WhyHunger, we pledge to continue with urgency and determination to build this global and growing movement with our partners, foster dialogue and collective action and continue to support and amplify the voices of those facing hunger, poverty and injustice. We will keep bringing you stories of hope and glimpses of the communities and people who are transforming our world each and every day. We will bring you opportunities to learn, engage and act, because we need you in this struggle. Together, we know that we can and will build a just world for us all.

In Solidarity, 

The WhyHunger Staff