Model Healthy Food System Resolution

Looking to start a food policy council in your area? This resolution serves as a template to adopt a healthy food system resolution and provides ideas for how community members and local government can work together for a healthier food environment.

The Model Healthy Food System Resolution provides numerous ideas for how local government could support a healthy local food system. Many communities have started to take a strategic approach to shaping the food system and improving health. Some have established food policy councils, which advise the local government on food-related policy issues. Others have passed laws making it easier to start farmers’ markets or community gardens. Still others see nurturing a local food system as a core economic development function.

ChangeLab Solutions developed this Model Healthy Food System Resolution to help community members and policymakers start their own conversation about how the local government can support a healthier food system. It suggests numerous actions that the local government could take to understand the local food system, and it establishes a Food Policy Council to continue the food system dialogue after the resolution is enacted.

The resolution is designed to be customized according to community needs and interests.

Download the Model Healthy Food System Resolution Guide




Updated 9/2014