New Report: Are Kids in America Really Going Hungry?

This blog is repost of No Kid Hungry’s original post found here.

No Kid Hungry recently released “Hunger In Our Schools,” that reports on kids in America who face hunger. The report gathered feedback from low-income parents and their children, as well as teachers, in a series of surveys and focus groups, to hear from them how hunger and poverty affect their lives.

Here are some stats we found particularly sobering:

• 1 in 6 kids in America is facing hunger (13 million children)
• 59% of children from low-income families come to school hungry
• 34% of parents struggle to provide nutritious/balanced meals because they can’t afford it 
• 92% of families who rely on food programs are working families. (At least one adult in house is working)

Also, the median American income is $55,775, yet the Federal poverty line for a family of four is $24,250 – less than half.

Here’s what else came out of it:

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Take an interactive quiz to learn more. As we digest this new information, we all must think about how we can make progress in childhood hunger. WhyHunger will continue working to protect summer and school meals programs that are vital to children’s well-being and support community led efforts to connect kids and their families with healthy food. Every child has a right to nutritious food.

Calondra McArthur