Nutritious School Meals are Vital for the Health and Well-being of our Kids

School Lunch is under attack from policies of “shaming” kids who can’t pay to an Administration that opts to loosen nutrition standards on School Lunch rather than help find solutions for schools to meet those standards, the nutritious school food that tens of millions of American children rely on is in jeopardy. We couldn’t agree more with our Board member Jan Poppendieck, quoted in today’s New York Times “We need to provide school meals on the same basis on which we provide school transportation and textbooks!”  We know that school meals offering nutritious food are a key element to the academic success and physical health of our children.

Let’s stand up for all our children and their right to nutritious food! Fellow organizations, you can take action with us via the Food Research and Action Center and sign-on to support bills that will outlaw school lunch shaming! The bills would end the practices of marking — or otherwise identifying — students who owe school lunch debt, of requiring them to do chores, or of taking food away once it has been served.