Organizations working towards reform of Trade, Aid, and Development

The following organizations have been working to reform trade, aid, and development policy through advocacy, and public education

Oakland Institute
Oakland Institute, based in California, has published oft-cited reports on the impacts of free trade and free trade agreements, international aid, and also on land investment and many other issues impacting development in the Global South.

Citizens Trade Campaign (CTC)
The Citizens Trade Campaign (CTC) is a coalition of environmental, labor, family farm, and other groups whose mission is to reform United States trade policy. They were originally founded to fight NAFTA, but are not active in drawing attention to the other free trade agreements. Their website also offers resources to help you engage your local policymakers and enable

Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP)
The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), works to raise awareness of issues impacting agriculture globally, especially unjust trade policy.  In addition to their work on global issues, they have also researched rural crises in the U.S. and have worked for policy change domestically as well.

Transnational Institute (TNI)
The Transnational Institute has been involved with global social movements for more than 30 years. Fellows at the TNI have written extensively on trade issues and international investment, and their role in food crises. View their site to learn more.

Third World Network
The Third World Network, based in Malaysia, has resources related to many issues including trade, biotechnology, and biodiversity. Their mission is to represent “third world” interests at international fora such as at United Nations agencies, and at events involving the World Bank, WTO, and IMF.

Global Development and Environmental Institute at Tufts University
The Global Development and Environment Institute at Tufts University (GDAE), has produced books, article, and policy documents on many subjects related to global development. They have also published on food crises, the United States’ role in trade, and on the economics of agriculture.

The Association for International Development (AID) at the New School
The Association for International Development (AID) at the New School in New York, is a student run agency that regularly features published works by students and academics on various issues related to development. To access these publications, visit their website.

AGRA Watch 
AGRA Watch, of the Community Alliance for Global Justice, was founded in response to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation’s program entitled AGRA, Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa. The initiative proposes the same, input heavy, mechanized model of agriculture which has caused long-term environmental and socio-economic problems. AGRA Watch supports sustainable solutions to Africa’s hunger issues. See their website to learn more.

ETC Group
ETC Group is an organization whose mission is to draw attention to emerging technologies that may strengthen concentration of corporate power. They pay attention to biotechnlology, biopiracy, geoengineering, among many other technologies. They encourage the preservation of agricultural biodiversity as a means of protecting the environment and the interests of the rural poor. 

Grassroots International
Grassroots International is a leader in the advocacy of social justice issues. They focus on human rights, food sovereignty, reform of aid, sustainability, and resource rights among other issues. They provide funding internationally to marginialized groups such as peasants, small farmers, fishers, women, and indigenous peoples, helping them achieve sustainable development in their communities.

Focus on the Global South
Focus on the Global South, a non-governmental organization based in Thailand, draws attention to many issues such as globalization, the impacts of liberalization on economies, food aid, and many other issues that affect the Global South. They encourage change through policy research, grassroots capacity building, activism, and research. See their site to learn more. 

Food First
First First, or the Institute for Food & Development Policy, is one of the foremost organizations involved in the analysis of policies that lead to world hunger, and also in the effort to change such policies. They have published extensively on trade and development issues.

Groundswell International
Groundswell International is committed to building healthy food systems from the grassroots level. They support agroecological farming, community health and nutrition, and methods to help rural communities adapt to the challenges of climate change.