Raise your voice!

It’s election season- do you know where your local politicians are?! With elections looming this fall, many politicians are more eager than ever to lend an ear to local issues. What better time to make yourself heard? Are you trying to start a farmers’ market in your town? Do you wonder why your local grocery store doesn’t sell fresh produce from the neighboring farms? Does it bother you that kids are being fed processed, empty calories in our public school systems?

Now’s the time to let our civic leaders know what’s important about communities having a say in the local food system! Communities across the country are getting active about their food system- hosting information sessions, listening sessions, community potlucks for their candidates. They are asking for support, advocating for fair food policies, and getting involved in the healthy future of their communities. What are you doing in your community to raise the voice of food justice? Leave us a comment and let’s get ready to vote!

Mississippi gubernatorial candidate, Bill Luckett (center in the white shirt) visits with local farmers in his home territory of the Delta. The farmers, including “Doc” Davis (left of Luckett in red), and Frank Wilbourne (far right) are affiliated with the Delta Fresh Foods Initiative (DFFI)- a network of individuals, organizations and institutions working to increase access to fresh healthy food in the Delta. Luckett has reached out to DFFI and the emerging MS Food Policy Council as an advocate for fair food policies in a community supported almost exclusively by agriculture. Click here to see his press release in support of growing local food systems.

Brooke Smith