Reconnecting: A Visit with The Campaign Against Hunger

At WhyHunger, we value the relationships we have with the partners we work with, nationally and globally. Wherever possible, we appreciate being able to take the opportunity to visit our partners and share in their work in the movement to end hunger and bring nutritious food options to those most vulnerable. After 2 challenging years for many of us, we had the honor this spring of being able to visit our partners and friends at The Campaign Against Hunger (TCAH) to connect, learn and build.

TCAH’s work goes beyond healthy food distribution. They are advocating for food justice and long-term solutions that include higher wages, a strong federal anti-hunger safety net, and an economy that supports the success of all workers.

TCAH is growing farm fresh produce in urban spaces, training youth, running a Veggie RX program and are expanding to establish a first-of-its-kind permanent food hub in Canarsie, Brooklyn that will revolutionize the emergency food service landscape. Our executive director, Noreen Springstead, along with one of our esteemed Board members, JoJo Brim, spoke with TCAH founder, Dr. Melody Samuels and were able to see what TCAH has been up to organizationally and operationally while getting immersed in their vision for a hunger free community.

In reflection of the visit, Noreen shared that “Dr. Samuels has tremendous vision for transforming Brooklyn, Queens and beyond and creating a vibrant food hub that builds community and unleashes the incredible human potential. It was so inspiring. We learned a lot about the steps they are taking to make that possible and what they’ve already accomplished.”

“The visit was eye opening and heartwarming,” JoJo shared.  “It opened my mind to what’s possible if I put my network and resources in service of Dr. Samuels’ vision. Scale and organization really stood out to me. I was also impressed by the connecting of the dots; they layered in education (classes), business (taxes), lifestyle. All these things speak to the whole person’s everyday living in the world.” JoJo went on to share his takeaways on WhyHunger’s work and what surprised him about the food justice movement. “I learned that WhyHunger supports various organizations within the same neighborhood; the food justice movement is bigger than I thought it would be. I am touched moved and inspired by the visit and am all in for the movement and then some… Let’s go!!”


We look forward to the transformational work The Campaign Against Hunger has been doing for many years and sets out to do for years to come. We are proud to stand in support and solidarity of their amazing efforts! To learn more about TCAH efforts and how you can support, visit


Colin Lawton