Snapshot from the Field: Delta Farmers Lead the Way

The Mississippi Delta in mid-July is not everyone’s idea of the perfect summer destination. But you don’t even notice the heat (one afternoon my car temp gauge read 109!) when you’re listening to farmers like Dustin Pinion, of Beaverdam Farms, and Frank Wilbourn talk about the innovations on their small family farms. In different corners of the Delta–Mr. Wilbourn’s farm is in the northern town of Marks, and Beaverdam Farms is in Indianola, closer to the middle of the 18 Delta counties–both men are using sustainable farming principles and practices to grow healthy, affordable vegetables, herbs and livestock. Supported by WhyHunger’s partner, the Delta Fresh Foods Initiative, farmers like Wilbourne and Pinion are receiving and giving training, infrastructure, and marketing support to growers across the region. If you want to learn more about fresh produce available in the region, check out DFFI’s “Fresh List” and find more Delta-based farmers’ market links on Facebook.

Brooke Smith