Take Action: Global Hunger

Ready to get involved? Read on for ways to take action on eradicating global hunger.

Stay Informed

For news and updates on policies and programs that affect global hunger, these newsletters are great ways to keep up on the latest research:

  • Sign up for the Food First, or Institute for Food & Development Policy, newsletter to get news and analysis on food workers, global hunger, food justice and food sovereignty.
  • The international Nyéléni newsletter is the voice of the international movement for food sovereignty.
  • The Small Planet Institute newsletter will keep you informed on the latest publications from the institute and latest writings from Francis Moore Lappé and Anna Lappé. 
  • Our own WhyHunger newsletter contains updates on the Global Movements program, which works with social movements worldwide toward achieving an equitable and sovereign food system for all.

To see a list of organizations that post content on their websites, see the Organizations article.

Contact your elected officials  

Let your Senators and Representatives at all levels of government know that you support global anti-hunger and antipoverty initiatives and oppose funding cuts to existing programs. See the Trade, Aid and Development topic for information on international food aid and policies that influence how aid is transferred, and check out the Food and Farm Bill topic for details on U.S. policies that affect international food systems.

Go on a Food Sovereignty Tour

Food First’s Food Sovereignty Tours are immersive educational travel programs. Tours spend one to two weeks experiencing local food systems and meeting activists, farmers, fishers and more in the global food sovereignty movement. A local host will guide attendees through the history, culture, politics, ecology and agriculture of their country. Tour locations include Cuba, South Korea, Mexico, Bolivia, Italy, and here in the U.S., San Francisco. Scholarships are available to some individuals based on need and level of interest. Check out the list of available tours for more information.

Get involved with advocacy organizations

Several organizations have an advocacy arm that encourages you to contact your elected officials or engage in other forms of advocacy. National organizations such as WhyHunger, Oxfam International, Small Planet Institute, Food First and many others, produce regular action alerts and opportunities for political advocacy.

Updated 12/2014