Take Action to Help Stop Land Grabs this Earth Month

Is your 401K threatening someone else’s food sovereignty? How about your tuition? These questions may not be comprised of parallels that readily come to mind for many of us, but the correlation has become more and more important when the conversation concerns issues of land grabs – or the capturing of power to control land and other natural resources such as water, minerals and forests. We are amplifying the efforts of our partners at Uprooted & Rising to put a stop to land grabs by TIAA and various higher ed institutions all across the country.


“Land grabs uproot and displace Black, Indigenous, and peasant communities across the globe while simultaneously driving the worsening climate crisis through destructive plantation systems.” – Uprooted & Rising
Learn more about the Stop Land Grabs movement and how you can take action all month long, here: https://www.uprootedandrising.org/slg


Further in the spirit of Earth Month, Uprooted & Rising are in continued efforts to put a stop to the corporate privatization of our oceans and salmon production and the threats it poses to our waterways, foodways, Indigenous knowledge, our climate and the long-term sustainability and nourishment to our planet. We saw the activation of their Block Corporate Salmon campaign back in 2021 and the fight continues. You can learn more about the #BlockCorporateSalmon campaign and ways you can support where you are here: https://www.uprootedandrising.org/blockcorporatesalmon