Visiting Tierra y Libertad Organization in Tucson, AZ

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This week WhyHunger staff members Alison Cohen and Brooke Smith are visiting some of our partners in Southeast Arizona.

Stopping in Barrio Wakefield, Tucson, AZ,  Alison and Brooke met up with Cesar Lopez, a member of 2012 HCSRA Winners Tierra y Libertad Organization (TYLO).  Cesar showed them around the TYLO headquarters and shared with them some of the details of the organizations work, the challenges their community faces, and the solutions they’ve identified to address them.  Using a multifaceted community organizing model founded on the principal that communities need to stand up for their members and leverage their existing assets to create change, Tierra y Libertad is rebuilding their community in south central Tucson through engaging their community in the production of culturally relevant food while developing sustainable economic practices and creating small barrio-based business enterprises.

Check back for more updates on Tierra y Libertad Organization and the amazing work they’re doing in their community!

Lorrie Clevenger