What We’re Reading: Article RoundUp

At WhyHunger we know it’s important to stay critically informed on the issues related to hunger and poverty, while also uplifting the voices, stories and successes of grassroots food justice advocates. So, every couple of weeks we’ll be sharing a compilation of articles that highlight the intersections of racial, social and environmental justice to spur conversations and keep you up-to-date with relevant news.

Below are some of our staff picks. Happy reading!

Article Round-Up:

1. Newsweek: “The Number of People on Food Stamps is Falling. Here’s Why.”
Fewer people are receiving SNAP benefits, but why? This article goes behind the stats and examines how much of this decline is due to an improved economy, how much it is due to unjust reinstated requirements and how many more people will be hungry as a result.

2. Huffington Post: “Youth are Cultivating Land and Consciousness in California”
Read about these inspiring young leaders who were awarded Youth Rising mini grants for innovative social change projects involving land and food justice.

3. Truth Out: “Four Charts That Show Who Loses Out if the White House Cuts Food Stamps”
These charts summarize the populations using food stamps and highlight those at risk of losing coverage.

4. Alternet: “Women Still Carry Most of the World’s Water”
A new report from UNICEF and the WHO documents the disproportionate burden of water provision that falls on women around the world and the dangers women face without safe, accessible sources of water.

5. Civil Eats: “‘Food Freedom’ Advocates Claim Victory in Maine”
Maine recently removed regulations on food sales, allowing small- scale farmers to sell food without risk of lawsuits, but a discussion remains over whether this win for food sovereignty poses a health threat.

6. Yes Magazine: “10 Examples That Prove White Privilege Exists in Every Aspect Imaginable”
This article illustrates just how prevalent racial inequities are and includes dozens of links to important cases of racial injustice.

7. Vox: “How Obamacare saved Detroit”
Health care coverage improvements in Detroit demonstrate how Obamacare has especially helped people in urban areas.

Riley Link