WhyHunger Rocks #140conf!

On June 15th and 16th, I attended the New York City session of #140conf, the 140 Characters Conference. Now in its third year, #140conf features leaders in social media innovation, including non-profit organizations, head honchos of media and marketing, and everyday people advancing the importance of outreach and social awareness in the real-time web.

Three #140conf NYC speakers that are changing the world through social media

  1. Global Hope Network International: GHNI helping poor villages around the world “transform themselves sustainably and holistically through [their] coaching-based method Transformational Community Development.” Through community-run social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr, the Kenyan village of Ola Nagele has connected to each other and with the world. Follow GHNI on Twitter: @ghni
  2. Fashion designer Marc Ecko has a new campaign called Unlimited Justice, a campaign that helps end corporal punishment in US schools. In just eight weeks, the Unlimited Justice was able to ban this abuse in the state of New Mexico. Join the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #fightthepaddle, and follow campaign news on Twitter here: @unltdjustice.
  3. iamconvicted.com, a “community narrative of reinvention,” encourages ex-convicts to connect through the power of storytelling. Follow them here: @iamconvicted.

Three resources that will help your grassroots organization

  1. Tell your friends to review you on www.greatnonprofits.org.
  2. Get the attention of politicians and have people back your cause on Twitter with www.act.ly.
  3. Participate in and cultivate a conversation with your audience and your partners to create a social sculpture.

Three #140conf quotables:

  1. On why using social media is crucial in today’s world: “We have far more power than we appreciate. [Not enough] people have access to their genius. Keeping knowledge access limited has tragic consequences.” – @CoryBooker, Mayor of Newark, NJ.
  2. On the benefits of social media: “We now have the technology to make networks of happiness, social support, healing, wholeness, and higher consciousness.” – @DeepakChopra, writer/public speaker of health and spirituality.
  3. On web-based community: “The state of now has made the whole world a small town. Twitter is the coffee shop of the world.” – @codyks, host of #140conf SmallTown.

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Candice Comisi