Join WhyHunger and our allies across the country today in calling on Congress to “leave no one behind in our food system!” As Congress considers the next round of stimulus legislation, we need to make our voices heard to further bolster our food system. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious crisis for our food system – producers’ markets are suddenly shuttered, workers are falling sick without adequate health safety provisions, and eaters are unable to buy groceries. Farmers, ranchers, fisher folk, and workers throughout our food system are putting their lives in danger to continue putting food on our tables, but many are facing their worst financial crisis in 40 years and are going out of business in record numbers: local and regional food markets are estimated to lose more than $1.02 billion in sales from March to December due to the pandemic.

Please call Congress today and tell them to LEAVE NO ONE BEHIND IN OUR FOOD SYSTEM. 

A full list of policy demands developed by Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy, Farm Aid, HEAL Food Alliance, National family Farm Coalition (NFFC), Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance and WhyHunger can be found here.

Below is a sample script.


Members of Congress are in their home districts this week. Tell them to support family farmers, ranchers, fisher folk, and food system workers:

  • Visit  to find your elected officials’ contact information and call their in-state office.
  • Wait for an operator or staffer to answer to take your message.
  • Share the message below (or something similar):

“I am a ________ (farmer, contract grower, consumer, etc.) from _________ (city and state or state) calling in support of family farmers, ranchers, fisher folk, and food system workers. We need (the elected official’s name) to provide leadership in protecting everyone who brings food to our tables, especially in this period of crisis. In particular we urge Congress to pass legislation to support our local food systems, relieve crushing debt for farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, and ensure that they – rather than corporations – are paid fairly.

Thank you.

(Leave your contact info, if they ask.)

I would like to know where (elected official’s name) stands on these issues.  Please contact me at ___________.  Thank you.”


Many thanks for making a call to support for our farmers, fisher folk and all food workers!