Blueberry Justice!

What does it look like to build a just food system that ensures dignity for all and puts human rights at the top of the ingredients list?

WhyHunger is supporting our partners in the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) and Food for Maine’s Future to implement their vision in answer to that very question. For the third summer in a row, and on the heels of a year of multiple learning exchanges, representatives from the CIW and Food for Maine’s Future got together on the Blue Hill peninsula in Maine to continue plans for developing a farmworker/small farmer-owned cooperative business in the blueberry industry. We’re honored to support this long-term solidarity and collaboration between two groups who share both the experience of extreme oppression in the food chain, and the transformative understanding of their own power to reimagine and rebuild our agricultural system.

Check out our photos, read the CIW’s post about the trip, and stay tuned for your chance to try some organic blueberry jam packed with nutrition and justice!

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Brooke Smith