Happy Mother’s Day!

Tanya Fields, The BLK ProjeK

Our friend Tanya Fields, founder of The BLK Projek in the South Bronx (NYC) and mother of four, sent us some thoughts on being a radical mother and how being a mom has directed her life and work.

“Being a ‘revolutionary’ mother for me was never a choice. I want to raise them with a level of consciousness and awareness of the types of nuanced obstacles they may face, and I have a responsibility not only to fight those things, but also to build alternatives and demonstrate courage, fearlessness and conviction, even in times of uncertainty or when I am scared as hell. How else will they learn to do the same?

“I look at those faces and I realize that my job as a mother is to also be a warrior, to love my children more than I love myself and to love them enough that I would literally attempt to move mountains and change the world for them. That’s radical motherhood for me; the gift they give me every day is to inspire me to look beyond myself and see the possibilities that we often bury so deep in our psyche and that our inner voice tells us we can’t do. When I see my kids, all I can think of it what I MUST do. They’re friggin’ amazing that way.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the radical moms out there!

Candice Comisi