How Do We Accompany Indigenous People in Their Demands of Sovereignty?


As the crisis of capitalism and climate deepens, Indigenous people are leading the way in the defense of Mother Earth and humanity. Through the Global Movements Program, WhyHunger works to support the protagonism of Indigenous people in their demands for sovereignty, defense of life and wellbeing.

Some things we know to be true from our accompaniment of Indigenous led formations struggling for food sovereignty:

  1. Indigenous global social movements and grassroots organizations that are committed to the defense of local territories are under-resourced. There is a systematic lack of funds for organizing at territorial (families and communities), regional and global levels. Oftentimes, Indigenous organizations are dependent on funding for specific programs, but not for political education and organizing.
  2. The global non-profit industrial complex has played a critical role in undermining the political autonomy of Indigenous organizations and their organizing.
  3. Indigenous people are often seen as a people of the past. Their protagonism is often invisibilized or seen as a threat.
  4. Land grabbing, market speculation, and extractive industries are also a common threat to Indigenous peoples worldwide.
  5. Indigenous communities and organizations are often co-opted and undermined by corporations, international environmental non-profits, governments and environmental conservation projects.


Who are the Indigenous partners we accompany?

Globally, WhyHunger has established relationships with the following Indigenous-led organizations and formations:


Photo Credit: Capire

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