How to Be a Good Ally

Over on Facebook, we’ve been talking about what it means to be an ally. Building a movement takes work from all across the food system–including from organizations playing a support role. At WhyHunger, we take our role as an ally seriously, and we want to share what we’re learning as we work in this important role. From time to time in the coming months, we’ll highlight some of the resources we use to guide us.

Today, some key points on how to be a good ally from author and professor Melissa Harris-Perry:

  • Don’t demand that those you are supporting produce proof of the inequality they are working to resist. Do recognize that the shield of your privilege may blind you to the experience of others’ injustice.
  • Don’t offer up your relationship with a member of the marginalized group as evidence of your understanding. Do be open to learning and expanding your consciousness by listening more and talking less.
  • You are not the savior riding to the rescue on a white horse. Do notice that you are joining a group of people who are already working to save themselves.
  • Do remember that the only requirement you need to enter allyship is a commitment to justice and human equality.

What do you do to be a good ally? Leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Candice Comisi