International Solidarity

Through the Global Movements Program, WhyHunger works to build international solidarity between people in the US and in the Global South. As a two-way street, international solidarity is based on the understanding that we all face common struggles. We believe that international solidarity is fostered through shared vision and a long-term commitment to support and struggle alongside one another. We believe that building solidarity with communities in the United States is just as critical as with those in the Global South. To realize international solidarity, we need political education that will sharpen our skills of analysis to work effectively with dynamic social movements and processes for positive change. Contextual analysis is a tool for political education and alliance building with grassroots organizations and social movements in the United States and in the Global South. Ally organizations in the United States can contribute to the collective knowledge of the history and theoretical frameworks behind policies that are affecting allies in the Global South.

We believe that systemic change to end hunger and poverty through Food Sovereignty and Agroecology will happen through the strengthening of social movements and a broad alliance between rural and urban communities.

WhyHunger mobilizes resources to create opportunities for international solidarity between grassroots organizations in the US and Global South through learning exchanges and direct support to initiatives led by social movements. Learning exchanges strengthen grassroots organizations and both rural and urban communities’ initiatives to achieve the right to food and food sovereignty. Small grants through WhyHunger’s International Solidarity Fund contribute to critical areas for social movements such as grassroots organizing, political education and alliance building. Another function of the Global Movements Program is to amplify the voices of our allies in spaces where US agriculture and food related policies are being discussed and that have a direct impact on the lives of communities in Global South. WhyHunger joins US allies in different networks dedicated to food sovereignty and agroecology such as the US Food Sovereignty Alliance (USFSA).