Join us for the 6th Annual Food Sovereignty Prize on October 15

The Food Sovereignty Prize honors grassroots leaders that are fighting for the right to food and dignity for all people who work and participate in food systems. The prize was first awarded as an alternative to the World Food Prize founded by “the father of the Green Revolution,” the late Norman Borlaug, and is presented by the U.S. Food Sovereignty Alliance.

This year’s prize will be awarded to the Union of Agricultural Work Committees (UAWC) of Palestine, based in Gaza and the West Bank, and Community to Community Development/Comunidad a Comunidad (C2C) of Bellingham, Washington. The awards ceremony will take place in Des Moines, IA at the Iowa Historical Building on October 15 at 7:00pm CDT. To register, visit the Food Sovereignty Prize registration page.

Can’t make it to Iowa next week? Join us for a livestream of the event by heading to

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WhyHunger believes in food sovereignty and that all people have the right to healthy, culturally appropriate food, produced in an ecologically sound manner. WhyHunger speaks for itself on all issues regardless of its affiliation with any group or alliance, especially those that align themselves with a particular political cause. WhyHunger regards political situations in the Middle East, specifically concerning Israel and Palestine, as being particularly complex and we reject any portrayal that simplifies it by vilifying one group over another or that uses language or video depictions that politicizes or propagandizes the issue of food sovereignty. WhyHunger advocates for non-violence and delivers a message of peace and the right of all people to nutritious food. We stand in solidarity with community efforts that embody this approach in wholly non-violent ways.

Katrina Moore