Organizations: Water

Connect with leading voices and organizations working to ensure safe, clean and accessible water for all.

CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food
From 2002 to 2013, the program supported more than 120 research projects in ten of the world’s largest river basins while piloting new ways of increasing the resilience of social and ecological systems through better water management for food production. The website presents the program’s findings on the water, food, and poverty challenges faced by the world today.

International Rainwater Harvesting Alliance
Created in Geneva in November 2002 following recommendations formulated during the World Summit for Sustainable Development, the IRHA empowers the rainwater harvesting movement around the world, to promote rainwater as a valuable water resource.

GRACE Communications Foundation
Connecting the dots between food, water and energy, GRACE Communications develops strategies to increase public awareness of the critical environmental and public health issues at these intersections. You’ll find a host of information and research on agriculture, food and water systems on their website.

People’s Water Board
The People’s Water Board believes that water is a human right and that it is “a commons that should be held in the public trust free of privatization.” Access, protection, and conservation of water are the cornerstones of their organization.

Sierra Club Water Sentinels
The Sierra Club Water Sentinels build alliances between locally organized branches, which work to monitor water quality, encourage water education, and mobilize community activism.

Waterkeeper Alliance
The Waterkeeper Alliance is made up of over 200 local Waterkeeper organizations that keep government leaders accountable on water safety and quality. The Waterkeepers operate on six continents and act as watchdogs for waterway polluters and government agencies, proponents for stronger enforcement of environmental laws, and educators on water issues.