Our Mission Explained: Hunger is Solvable!





Over the last six weeks we’ve broken down our mission statement, unpacking the why? behind the words that guide our work. We hope you’re feeling inspired, optimistic, and full of conviction that a world without hunger really is possible.

Because we’re right there with you.

Together, with our partners around the globe, WhyHunger is building power and making progress. We are both meeting immediate needs and partnering with women, youth, farmers, policy makers, and social movements around the globe to support the solutions to hunger that transform and last. We want to end this email series just how we started it, with a 90-second video to drive our mission home.

Hunger really is solvable and change is happening now. But we need you, your voice, your passion, and your support. Will you join us and help build a just and hunger-free world?

Until next time,

The WhyHunger Team


P.S. If you missed any of the installments of the WhyHunger’s Why? series, which breaks down our mission line by line, you can check it out from the beginning, here.