Profiles of State and Local Food Policy Councils

Learn more about the origins and goals of food policy councils at the state and local level.


Arizona Food Policy Council
The Arizona Food Policy Council is a part of Community Food Connections. Both strive to alleviate hunger and create food sufficiency for low-income households through community and economic development.

Connecticut Food Policy Council
The Connecticut Food Policy Council works to promote the development of a food policy for the State of Connecticut and the coordination of state agencies that affect food security.

Michigan Food Policy Council
The Michigan Food Policy Council (MFPC) brings diverse food-related stakeholders together to recommend programs and policies to the Governor that improve Michigan’s food future.

North Carolina Food Policy Council
The Food Distribution Division contributes to the nutritional well being of the citizens of North Carolina by distributing USDA commodities to eligible Recipient Agencies. Food Distribution administers nine food programs for USDA.

The Oklahoma Food Policy Council
The Oklahoma Food Policy Council is a group of members representing diverse groups with an interest in Oklahoma’s food system. Members represent farming and ranching, food processing, retail foods, education, and the media; as well as tribal, conservation, religious, and anti-hunger organizations.

State Food Policy Council
This site is the archive for the State and Local Food Policy Project. The project operated from 2002 through 2005.

Twin Cities Food Policy Council
Minnesota Food Association is a nonprofit, membership organization whose mission is to build a more sustainable food system. Now celebrating its 25th year, MFA’s current programs include the May Farm CSA, the New Immigrant Agriculture Project, and work on food policy and projects related to strengthening local food systems.

Washington State Food Policy Council
WSDA is partnering with Drake University and USDA Risk Management Agency to initiate the development of a State Food Policy Council for Washington State. Food Policy Councils are innovative collaborations between citizens and government officials which examine the food system in a holistic manner.

Local Policies

Acting Food Policy Council Seattle and King County
Seattle King County AFPC partners with community, business, agriculture and government to develop integrated policy and action for a food system that supports healthy people, communities, economies and environment.

Berkeley Food Policy Council
The Berkeley Food Policy Council is a local food system based on sustainable regional agriculture that fosters the local economy and assures all people of Berkeley have access to healthy, affordable and culturally appropriate food from non-emergency sources.

Knoxville/Knox County Food Policy Council
The council is committed to bringing together community members and organizations to promote stable food systems and access to healthy, regionally produced food for all. Food Matters is working to foster collaborative relationships and actions

Marin County Food Policy Council
Slide Ranch uses food to teach about sustainability and to demonstrate a vision of humans in balance with nature. At Slide Ranch, we teach practical lessons about basic human needs – food, clothing, and community – in order to promote an awareness of agriculture, its processes and products, and a more sustainable use of natural resources.

Portland/Multnomah County Food Policy Council
The Council brings together a diverse array of stakeholders to integrate the aspects of the food system (production, distribution, access, consumption, processing and recycling) in order to enhance the environmental, economic, social and nutritional health of the City of Portland and Multnomah County.

Salina Regional Food Policy Council
The mission of the regional food policy council is to assess the environmental, health, and sociological impact of food consumption and production on a region. To guide activities within this region to increase environmental stewardship, maintain biodiversity, improve individual health, educate, and foster an increased sense of community.

San Francisco Food Systems Committed to ensuring that residents of the City and County of San Francisco are connected to the food system and our efforts reflect this overall dedication. San Francisco Food Systems is organized into sections that work together toward the goal of bridging people to food.



Toronto Food Policy Council
The Toronto Food Policy Council partners with business and community groups to develop policies and programs promoting food security. Our aim is a food system that fosters equitable food access, nutrition, community development and environmental health.


Updated 12/2014