Suggested Reading: Farmers’ Markets

Case studies, research, popular articles, and more.


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Produce to the People, Dr. Preston Maring, The Permanente Journal, Volume 8 No. 2, Spring 2004. A case study of the first-ever farmer’s market linked to a hospital. (PDF)

REAL FOOD, REAL CHOICE: Connecting SNAP Recipients with Farmers Markets, Community Food Security Coalition and Farmers Market Coalition, June 2010. (PDF)

State Implementation of the New WIC Produce Package: Opportunities and Barriers for WIC Clients to use their Benifits at Farmers’ Markets, Nell Tessman and Andy Fisher, June 2009. (PDF)

Understanding Farmers Market Rules, Jess Anna Speier and Jill E. Krueger, FLAG: Farmers Legal Action Group, Inc., 2006. (PDF)

Updated 11/2010