Take Action for Local and Regional Food Systems!

For Everyone Eat local! Shop at farmers’ markets or farm stands; join a CSA; grow your own food; preserve food for the winter. Find out where to buy products direct from the farmer at Foodroute

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For Everyone

Eat local!

Buy local!

  • Go beyond food purchases and support locally-owned businesses of all kinds. Keep dollars circulating in your community by buying books, clothing, hardware, and anything else you can at small local stores instead of at the big box stores.

Educate and Advocate!

  • Ask your grocery store to carry local produce. Farm Aid has a sample letter to write to store managers.
  • Host a house party to educate your neighbors in a fun setting. Check out the Organic Consumers Association and Sustainable Table for ideas and tips.
  • Organize a neighborhood meeting to talk about what’s happening with food in your community. Put food-related issues on the agenda of other community meetings.
  • Get involved with the local food policy or food system council.


  • See the Take Action and Links & Resources sections of the other Learning Center topics for ideas.


For Community Groups


Updated 11/2010