Tools & Tips: Water

From changing daily habits to long-term planning, you can take action today to lower your water impact and step up for our environment. Do you know your water footprint?


10 Ways to Conserve Water
American Rivers, a national water conservation organization, shares simple tips that can help you use water more efficiently.

100+ Ways to Conserve
In this visually appealing, interactive chart, Water Use it Wisely details over 150 ways to help you save water, from turning off the water while brushing your teeth to using extra ice cubes from your soda to water your plants.

Take Back The Tap
Bottled water is a multi-billion dollar industry that thrives off the false belief that bottled water is safer than tap water. Food & Water Watch’s “Take Back the Tap” initiative explains that when you drink filtered tap water, you are not only making an economical choice but also an environmentally friendly one.

The Water Footprint Network
The Water Footprint Network measures the volume of freshwater required for daily activities in the home, office, field, and factory. You can calculate your own “water footprint” and learn how much water it takes to grow specific fruits and vegetables, make wine or beer, grow cotton, or produce bioethanol.