What We’re Watching Now

At WhyHunger, we value storytelling for its ability to connect people and motivate action. As Alison Cohen, WhyHunger’s Senior Director of Programs, said in her recent article on EcoWatch, “As old as time itself, storytelling has been a primary way to make sense out of the world around us. […] It’s in those moments of resonance and connection that a shared or public narrative emerges from a collection of singular stories.”

Today, we bring you a collection of short videos, all from last year’s Real Food Media Contest, which aims to share stories of sustainable food and farming to inspire action for a better food system. People’s Choice voting for the 2015 contest is coming up on February 3, and among the judges of this year’s contest is Aarón Sánchez, WhyHunger’s Chef Ambassador. Each of the videos below is a story about community or family farming and the collective power gained from cooperative action. Inspiring and informative, the stories together form a snapshot of the global community food movement. Check them out here:

real food media

Homeward” by Perennial Plate

Tired of seeing friends and family leaving their community in Mexico for the United States, farmers in Hidalgo created this cooperative, keeping their families together with organic oregano.

real food media

Green Bronx Machine” by Brendan Van Meter and Stephen Ritz

Green Bronx Machine feeds the minds, hearts and stomachs of students in the poorest congressional district in America. Leader Stephen Ritz and his community grow urban gardens and harvest organic citizens. Si se puede!

real food media

A Green Generation” by Tim Alden Grant

In rural western North Carolina, you’ll find a small, organic, family farm whose next generation is passionate about good, nutritious food.

Katrina Moore