What’s your “awesome” idea to change the way we eat?

Aweome Food Logo with Food and Animal Pictures

The Awesome Foundation has just launched a new micro-grant foundation called Awesome Food and is searching for unique and awesome ways to enlighten our lives with food. Starting this month, they are accepting applications from individuals, groups, and organizations that have an awesome idea about how to better our food system and each month will give away $1,000 towards helping the winning idea pull off their project.

The micro-grant project is intended to bring unique and inventive ideas about food to the table and share ways in which individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods can all act to improve our current food system and change how we think about food. Ideas can range from educating the public about DIY-farming to recording videos of farmers best recipes, the only catch is the idea must relate to food in some sense and captivate the Awesome Food audience enough for them to want to fund it.

The “no-strings attached” microgrants are provided by the trustees of Awesome Food and are intended to fund projects they believe could make a difference in the lives of many. “We’re not entirely sure what ideas we’ll get—that’s part of the fun of this!” said Jeff Potter, author of Cooking for Geeks. “But we’ll know awesomeness when we see it. I’m excited to see what ideas we receive, and can’t wait to see what ideas we can help turn into reality.”

The deadline for the first round of micro-grants is August 5th so if you have an awesome food idea make sure you check out the application here: //www.awesomefood.net/apply/

For more information, visit Awesome Food’s site:   //www.awesomefood.net/

Siena Chrisman